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Without Walls Counseling PC
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Healing People At The Root...

Without Walls Counseling’s (WWC) mission is to facilitate opportunities for recovery, resiliency, and wellness to individuals and families affected by mental health, including substance abuse disorders, maladaptive behaviors including sexual addiction, anxiety, depression and mood and personality disorders. We believe a person’s feelings and behaviors are influenced by his/her perceptions and core beliefs; thus, negative thinking patterns are one main cause of crisis. An example of negative thinking is “all or nothing thinking” and “black and white” thinking. By assisting clients to perceive events objectively and modify their irrational beliefs and negative thinking patterns; we anticipate they may become more successful in achieving life goals. Our treatment model is designed and offered to promote personal development, resulting in overall quality and enjoyment of daily life.


Without Walls Counseling offers short- term acute resiliency- oriented treatment modalities including individual, family, couple, and group therapy, as well as life coaching that is modified to fit the needs of each person. Our programs are strategic towards change and solution so that life- long skills are established for stabilization and recovery so that the individual’s life is enhanced.


We also offer a 90- day intensive coaching program, Armani Retreat. Armani Retreat takes an intensive look at three areas: mental/emotional health, spiritual health, and physical health. Armani offers self- guided classes, guided meditation, prayer, physical health consultation, and personalized workout- plan to ignite an overall life restoration.  


Our goal is effectively provide culturally diverse clientele with therapeutic services that aim to bring about restoration and healing at the root of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health concerns.


Meet the Founder James Wells, ABD,LPC-S,NCC,SOTP,CSAT

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