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Armani Retreat

90-Day Wellness Program

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Armani Retreat


In Swahili, Armani means, peaceful. Armani Retreat is a 90- day intensive wellness program that is geared towards helping you achieve your best, most peaceful life! Each month is dedicated to a specific focus area:

1-    Mental/emotional health & development

2-    Spiritual assessment, growth, & development

3-    Physical assessment, impact of mental health on physical health, live virtual workouts


Each week will have a virtual class and meditation focus. It also includes once weekly 30- 45 live coaching sessions and weekly 15- minute telephone coaching check- ins. Live guided meditation is included twice weekly. Each month will begin with an assessment to evaluate need areas and determine any additional needs that may be specific to the client. One additional coaching class will be developed to meet client specific needs. Your spiritual journey will include a spiritual assessment and the development of a spiritual base that supports your value and belief system. You also receive a virtual physical consultation with our fitness coach. She will develop a 30- minute workout plan for you. You will also receive 2 live virtual workouts.


Armani Retreat is an amazing wellness overhaul that sets you up to live your best peaceful life!



$5000 for full Armani Retreat

*Full payment at start of coaching qualifies for a 10% discount.

*Monthly payments accepted.

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