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Individual Therapy

$90- $120 for 55 minutes

Individual therapy is a prime opportunity for discovery. Talk therapy is the development of a one- to- one therapeutic relationship between client and human helper. This is a safe environment that promotes self- reflection, goal setting, development of coping skills, and overcoming symptoms of mental health and life challenges. Below is a list of possible treatment options:




Child & Adolescent

Substance abuse counseling

Sex addiction (ABEL testing available)

Sexual offensive behaviors

Stress Management

Spiritual Issues

Anger Management


Chronic Suicidal Ideation

Guided Meditation

Live Guided Meditation

Group Therapy & Group Coaching

90 Days: $600 & up

Group therapy is a prime opportunity that involves one or more group leaders working with two or more group participants. The group process is a chance to gain hope and support from others who have or are currently experiencing similar challenges as you. It also promotes universality, builds altruism while boosting confidence and improve interpersonal learning. Group therapy is available in person and through e- therapy. The following groups are available:


Substance abuse group therapy

Abortion recovery group therapy

Sexual addiction group therapy (Patrick Carnes curriculum)

Sexual offensive behaviors

Cognitive behavioral group therapy

Family Therapy


Family therapy is a systemic approach to developing, healing, and reconnecting and repairing family relationships. Family connections can be incredibly challenging and difficult to manage and rebuild. We assist families in developing relationship skills, including developing healthy boundaries, developing parenting skills, and support through divorce and death. Our goal is to support developing strong family unit solidity.

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