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Jerome began his professional journey as a case manager in the non- profit sector. He possessed a genuine awareness of client needs and ignited a passion to serve on even greater levels. Jerome progressed to the position of Residential Social Services Clinical Director at a residential mental health hospital. Jerome enjoys leading others as they grow as professionals and mentor them into leadership roles. He is able to develop and implement effective clinical standards that brings about lifelong change and healing for all patients.

Ashlie Stegemann, MS, ALC


I practice client-centered therapy and believe you are the expert in your own life. I would like to partner with you on your journey towards healing and self-actualization. I would like to begin this journey with you wherever you find yourself currently, and we will works towards your goals at a pace that feels comfortable to you.  

~ Not Accepting New Patients ~

Emmit Ashford



Emmit graduated with his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Montevallo in the area of professional and community counseling. He has experience and a passion for substance abuse, anxiety, depression, art therapy, sexual dysfunction, and college population.

Deborah Foster

Fitness Coach

Fitness and nutrition are a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. My focus is quality over quantity. “​You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and you are willing to put in the work.” I said it was going to be worth it, I didn’t say it was going to be easy. I am an advocate for a healthy living holistic attitude to create a better quality of life, encompassing mind, body, and spirit. 

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